Music and Relationships 



Remember those great feelings you had at the live concert by that band you love? People dancing, singing along. Some of you got to see Taylor Swift, or Paul McCartney. Whoever it was, it felt amazing, those music and relationships moments.

concert audience

Then, it was over. Things went back to whatever normal is now.

Would you like to feel that way more often…in your relationships? It could happen.

Honestly, it can happen every time when you use music the way Taylor and Paul do. It’s scientific and self-evident and, with a little practice, you can re-empower your relationships. This isn’t hard, but it does take some effort.


The rewards? Doing the work is fun. And you don’t even have to play an instrument or fill stadiums with fans. You see, with music, we get closer, go deeper, and enjoy authentic vulnerability quicker and with more psychological safety than with any other relationship tool.

organic tools

Yeah, you read that right: any other relationship tool.

Friends? Check. Associates? Check. Colleagues? Check. Intimate partners? Absolutely. Whatever the depth of your relationships, music can take them from good to better to best. Or, in some cases, from full-of-animosity to goodly- and fully-animated.

Plus, music is instantly customized to you, and snap-in compatible with whatever else you’re using or doing. In fact, music boosts the benefits of everything else.


Now that’s powerful.

powerful people Take the Quest. Learn How. Be the person in relationship everyone else wants to be, too. Do the work and love the results. Your first eight Quest missions are on us. your musical way to the relationships you crave. Raise your sustainable vibration along the way. It’s all in there. It’s all in the music you already love.





Bill Protzmann re-discovered the fundamental nature and purpose of music over the course of more than 40 years of paying attention to how music works on us and experimenting with what he learned through performing concerts, giving lectures, facilitating workshops, and teaching classes. He launched the Musimorphic Quest in 2016 to offer a guided, gamified, experiential environment where participants could discover and remember their innate connection to the ancient transformative technology we now call music. In 2014, he received an Inspiring Hope award for Artistic Expression from the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, the industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.

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