What’s All This Shift?

webb telescope - shift is essential for awareness in transition

No Shift! Meet The Shift. Our awareness is in transition. From the Age of Enlightenment through Modernism, things worked pretty well. Around the time of John F Kennedy’s assassination, a Post-Modernist period swung back against Modernism, and our recent global pandemic will probably be marked as another pivot in awareness. Some have begun to refer […]

Whole-Ass Your Health


There’s more to it than just getting by without physical pain or mental distress. Health goes deeper, as the World Health Organization recognizes. So, what are you doing about your health? Have you got health…really, truly holistic health? Are you ready to go all-in and whole-ass your health? The late Dr Candace Pert’s research broke the barrier […]

The Best Strategy For Finding Peace Joy And Happiness

finding peace joy and happiness

This is a wheel no one ought to re-invent! If you want one more pitch on the best strategy for finding (or buying) peace joy and happiness, please look elsewhere; this article is about what really works, not what some feel-good guru wants you to own.   Money doesn’t buy happiness We’ve all heard this […]

How To Deal With Feeling Isolated From Your Family

how to deal with feeling isolated

When we feel isolation or rejection by our family of origin, what then? When the family we married into isolates or rejects us, what then? Do you know how to deal with feeling isolated from your family? I’m learning how this works in mine.   A very personal question I’m blessed – and that’s the […]

The Best Strategy For Finding Joy After Tragedy Strikes

finding joy after tragedy

Our joy is compromised by many things: natural disasters, loss of a family member or friend, injustice of all kinds. Media seem to thrive on serving up the latest tragedy. We eagerly consume it, no matter if it’s a fictional soap opera or streaming steamy drama. It could be the latest political scandal, or financial […]

How To Deal With Sadness In The World And Still Feel Joyful

how to deal with sadness in the world

If you are one of those people who believe they can insulate themselves from any kind of unwanted emotion, please stop reading now and skip this article. It’s not for you. For the rest of us, let’s explore how to deal with sadness in the world and still feel joyful. You Can’t Wish It Away […]

Three Tips For Finding Joy And Contentment In Your Life Each And Every Day

finding joy and contentment

Cute kitten videos just don’t cut it anymore? Sarcastic memes leave you flat? News as reported by Comedy Central no longer makes you laugh? It’s OK. These three tips for finding joy and contentment in your life each and every day can help.   Before we roll out any tips, it would be best if […]

Wondering Where To Find Joy? Try These Surprising Places!

where to find joy

If you’re looking for joy, there’s a journey you can choose to take. You may think that joy is your last stop but, on this train ride you’ll find joy many times before you arrive at your final destination. The beautiful irony is that you will recognize every place you visit along that journey. So, […]

How Sadness And Sorrow Are Requirements For Finding True Joy

how sadness and sorrow

How Sadness And Sorrow Are Requirements For Finding True Joy   It’s true. Until someone explains how sadness and sorrow are requirements for finding true joy, it sounds counter-intuitive. But it’s really very simple, and completely natural.   If you’re sad, sorrowful, feeling depressed or morose, or even just a bit melancholy, you have such […]

Feeling Unmotivated And Sad? How To Find Joy In Life Again

how to find joy in life again

Are you feeling unmotivated and sad? How find joy in life again? It’s easier than you think.   Have you noticed how, sometimes, sadness just clings to you? There’s a good reason. Yes, you read that right: if you’re sad, there’s a good reason. And, it may surprise you to know that what triggered the […]