Reason Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Not Everything

Disclaimer: This article was created without access to or use of artificial intelligence. It intentionally violates many commonly-accepted SEO conventions. If that’s not acceptable to you, please stop reading now. The Age of Enlightenment threw shade on perceptions that weren’t solidly grounded in rational thought. It gave us durable, rigorous Science, celebrated Reason and sparked […]

Apps, Practices, and Consciousness

How to Choose Wisely It matters that so many of us use apps such as Headspace, Calm, or Healthy Minds. It’s much better than not doing so, right? There’s a big difference, though, between apps and practices. And both of those are completely different than a change of consciousness. Using an app to slow down […]

The True Power of Story: Relationship Matters

Your story matters. Just guessing here: your personal story has progressed beyond the “once upon a time” and is closer to the “happily ever after,” right? And don’t we all want that “happily ever after” sooner rather than later, thank you very much? That’s the true power of a great story with feeling and the […]