Stranger Things and Your Power Music

powerful loving hand

Running Up That Hill is clearly a powerful song for Max’ heroic journey in the latest season of Stranger Things. Evidence from the music therapy field supports this decisive moment: the power of music is personal. Our choices about the music we love, combined with our emotional connection to those specific songs, can literally save […]

Finding The 5D Managers We Need Now

Civilization, Productivity, and Happiness As a civilization, we have made remarkable technological advances. So, why do we still treat employees like servants? “Bossing” is and has been all about bigger better faster. When management tries to elevate a servant-employee to something more enlightened, cracks in the walls of bigger better faster appear. So how do […]

A New Approach To What Your Top Ten Songs Say About You

  Go ahead: stop reading this right now and make a list of your personal top ten songs of all time. Most of us can name and remember more than ten, so this will be easy. Write them down – no need to rank them, just make the list, but number the songs one to […]

Drive Your Emotional Supercar Like a Pro

drive your emotional supercar

Have you ever watched those videos of show-off supercar drivers who wreck their McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, or Nissan GT-R?     Even though those cars are made for speed and performance, that kind of power demands a delicate touch, otherwise, catastrophe happens.   The opioid crisis in America ought to remind everyone that […]