About Musimorphic

When we listen - really listen - to music, we’re connecting with our emotions. We’ve arrived at this mind-changing space between music as entertainment and music as therapy.

About Musimorphic

There’s a significant difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is a passive act; when we listen, we’re engaged, actively processing what’s in our ears and looking to find meaning in sound. Think about your favorite song and what it evokes. Joy. Reflection. Excitement. And, yes, sometimes even anger and sadness.

Bill Protzmann is your guide through that space. Bill has a deep understanding of and connection with the rejuvenating power of music. His journey to becoming a trained classical pianist began when he was three years old. Performing professionally for audiences, including the homeless and historically unserved youth to Veterans fighting the severe mental and physical wellness conditions of PTSD, first opened his eyes to the healing power of music.

When Bill found himself struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, he drew upon his knowledge of and love for music to help him heal – putting him on a new path, one that’s dedicated to helping others explore music’s transformative effects. Over the course of 30 years, Bill has helped people from all walks of life tap into the power of music, helping them leverage their favorite songs and compositions to bring peace and balance to their lives.

Founder Bill Protzmann discusses Musimorphic on the Gracerachy podcast with Jim Babka

Our Mission is to help people strengthen their trust in themselves and those around them.

Our Vision is to co-create sustainable success through targeted enrichment of our customers’ and clients’ human spirit.

To do this, we help people clarify their desires and intentions, support their intentions with technology that reaches the depths of the human spirit, and deploy their new current understanding within their sphere of influence.

Bill Protzmann

Keynote Speaker

Bill’s passion comes from more than 50 years of onstage performances. His innovative, signature presentations engage audiences to discover and connect more authentically with the passion and inspiration that drives team success.

Workshop Facilitator

For more than 30 years, Bill has worked with teams from a diverse spectrum of industries, including: Fortune 500 Companies, Humanitarian and Social Welfare Groups, and Non-Governmental Organizations and Agencies. Bill leads with a hands-on approach to these workshops and customizes these interactive sessions to the needs of your organization or the people it serves.


Bill is committed to serving his community by teaching its most under-served and at-risk members how to implement self-care practices using music. Bill operates with a mindset that music should be understood as a self-care tool for everyone.

The Power of Music

Bill Protzmann started piano lessons at three years old. He grew up playing and performing for audiences of all sizes. He realized very early on that the discipline of playing the piano was also a behavioral healthcare practice. When he began helping non-traditional audiences — Alzheimer’s patients and people struggling with physical or emotional injuries, stressed-out business professionals, parents, and caregivers — he began to understand and witness the true power of music as a transformative tool.

As an observer of the power of music, Bill speaks openly and confidently about how he has used music as self-intervention in his own behavioral healthcare – including confronting suicidal tendencies. His ongoing volunteer work in the field brings him constant opportunities to guide people who are or have been homeless, abused substances, and who have been injured physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Bill’s fascination with the healing effects of music led him to intensive exploration that continues to evolve today and has been strengthened by advances in research.  People from all walks of life can trust his 30+ years of experience to demonstrate for themselves how to use music functionally in everyday situations.

More Than Human Book

More Than Human: The Value of Cultivating the Human Spirit in Your Organization

Bill Protzmann’s first book takes his teachings and applies them to organizational thinking. The practice of the human spirit. Practical spirituality. To make that work in your organization, you want best practices with contagious acceptance, unlimited scalability, and tremendous value starting with you.