Old Wine / New Bottles

Back in the day, it wasn’t a great idea to store new wine in old wineskins. As the new wine fermented, it would put pressure on the wineskin, which was fine for new, stretchy wineskins, but would burst the old, brittle ones. What are today’s old wineskins? Perhaps a better question: who are today’s old […]

The Simple Management Innovation Business Needs Now

The Simple Management Innovation Business Needs Now: Personal Development Experiences that Strengthen Team Skills

  The simple management innovation business needs now must put personal development first. Above all, we cannot afford to be any more fractured or burn any more human capital as collateral damage.   What’s Missing? Our creativity, health, and inspiration cannot thrive in a culture devoid of emotional agency. This results in a downward drag […]

Music and Relationships 


Moments Remember those great feelings you had at the live concert by that band you love? People dancing, singing along. Some of you got to see Taylor Swift, or Paul McCartney. Whoever it was, it felt amazing, those music and relationships moments. Then, it was over. Things went back to whatever normal is now. Would […]

Love Entanglement

You don’t need 528Hz to be loving. The feeling of love is a call to action. The moment we choose to love, we entangle ourselves with the energy of love, which is so much more than vibrations in three dimensions. Try it! Here are two ways to entangle with “the love frequency.” Think or sing […]

150 Ways Musimorphic Works For You

This is a non-exhaustive list of how Musimorphic works for you: no pretty pictures, just the facts. We chose these examples to illustrate the vast opportunity for Musimorphic outside of clinical practice. They apply equally well to individuals, families, teams, and entire organizations. For completeness, we have also provided links for “music caregiving” (sometimes branded […]

How Consciousness In Business Is Shifting


What if consciousness is key in business for long-term success and happiness? I bet you’ve seen this bell curve many times before. Technically, it’s a normal distribution of some arbitrary data and helps us guesstimate probabilities within data for which specific outcomes can’t be known. Today, we will apply this normal distribution curve to a […]

What’s All This Shift?

webb telescope - shift is essential for awareness in transition

No Shift! Meet The Shift. Our awareness is in transition. From the Age of Enlightenment through Modernism, things worked pretty well. Around the time of John F Kennedy’s assassination, a Post-Modernist period swung back against Modernism, and our recent global pandemic will probably be marked as another pivot in awareness. Some have begun to refer […]

Music: A Full-MEPS Practice for Wellness And So Much More

We do physical things such as run, work out, swim, or get regular massage for our health. We practice Qigong, have acupuncture, meditate, or attend church for our spiritual/energetic health. Curiosity, psychotherapy, regular reading, and continuing education keep our mental health sharp. Practices such as journaling, gratitude and forgiveness support our emotional health. Together, the […]

This Changes Everything for Good

▶️ Listen to this article now (12 minutes) ▶️ What if… What if there was a way to improve every aspect of what you’re already doing without having to un-do any of it? What if you could support every best practice you already use in a way that would deepen those practices without competing within […]

Mind Blown: Why Creativity Matters

Just finished Rich Kirkpatrick’s “Mindblown: Creative Insights from Science and Magic.” It’s a quick compendium of the scientific basis for creativity and the sociological reasons why being creative matters. And creativity does matter: to both our success and our sanity. Have you ever wondered why there are so many more “negative” emotions than “positive” ones? […]