The Quest for Music's Morphic Impact

Cultivating Experiential Environments to Guide You Towards Transformation.

The Music Transformation Quest

Did you know that music has a direct impact on your mental state? Music always  us at a subconscious level; because of this, health and wellness professionals have utilized it to help people with trauma, anxiety, and mental health issues.  Musimorphic offers custom music programs that provide the tools you need for self-care.

Musimorphic opens the door to a deeper understanding of how the music we love can actually have tangible, positive effects on all aspects of our lives—our individual health, our relationships with others, and even our performance at work. Founder Bill Protzmann works with people from all walks of life, from individual clients seeking a new path to wellness and non-profit organizations working with distressed populations to corporations looking to help their employees.

Bespoke Programs & Coaching


Musimorphic Mastery
Exclusive Mastermind
Individually Customized
Individual White Glove Coaching with Bill Protzmann, Quest Creator and Guide


Musimorphic Mentor
Team Program
Team Mastermind
Shared Purpose and Intentions
Weekly Team Integration Sessions


Musimorphic Maverick
Self-Guided Program
Online Discussion Board
Performance-Based Invitation to Silver Mastermind

Quest Curriculum

01: What’s a Music Rite?

You will learn about how music has always been available to us as a tool and the power of using musical tools in purposeful, almost ceremonial ways. This background will also introduce the language of Musimorphic self-care. You will begin to identify the ritual-ready moments of your life.

02: Tools

This second “preparation” level is about the things you’ll need on hand to perform an effective music rite. In this level, you’ll assemble those tools and create a personal space for practicing their use.

03: Strategy

Your first of three “build” levels. Creating effective music rites begins with deepening your internal awareness of and connection to your emotions. You will do that here as if you were creating a strategic approach to the rest of your life. (Here’s a secret: you are.)

04: Tactics

This level reveals the tools you need to accurately discover the emotions in the music you already love. Think you can do that well now? Just wait until you learn and use this tactical approach to the hidden emotional power of music.

05: Ammunition

It takes strategy, tactics, and ammunition to win a military campaign. In this level, you will learn how to make your own customized ammo. No worries: this military metaphor isn’t about making war; it’s about the fuel that powers your music ritual and how to use that fuel for good.

06: Locked & Loaded

Testing your skills in a safe environment is crucial before deploying them in real life. This is the most important level in the program: everything you’ve learned so far comes together in one powerful playlist, and you build your very first musical ritual around it.

07: Finding Neutral

The last step before you take your new skills into the wild is to learn to find the powerful place called “neutral.” Using your new skills, you will identify your own personal “neutral” and begin to practice ways of returning to it at will. Don’t worry; there’s a rite for this, too.

08: Into the Wild

You’ve had time to practice, but now is the time to deploy your new skills in real life. This level can be daunting for introverts and hard to control for extroverts, but you’re ready. You may be surprised at how far you’ve grown…and at how many more purposeful rituals await!

09: Musical Corners

The wild can be brutal. This level will help you keep your balance out there. You will learn to make several new kinds of music rituals that can take you back to neutral. Corners are your final practice for the next and final level.

10: Your Own Personal Music Rites

In this final level, you will learn how to extend your new skills across the entire spectrum of your power. Most importantly, as you do this, you will find your trust in the music ritual deepens and connects you more genuinely with the other essential parts of your human being.

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