Imagine Love Entanglement

You don’t need 528Hz to be loving.

The feeling of love is a call to action. The moment we choose to love, we entangle ourselves with the energy of love, which is so much more than vibrations in three dimensions.

Try it! Here are two ways to entangle with “the love frequency.”

  1. Think or sing (if you can) 528Hz. It’s a bit higher than the C above middle C. (The tone is 4.75Hz higher in A=440Hz tuning, and 14.26Hz higher A=432Hz tuning, if you’re into that sort of thing). Use this handy online tone generator if finding the exact frequency doesn’t come naturally to you.
  1. Think of a song that does love for you. Maybe it’s John Lennon’s Imagine. Adele’s cover of Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You. You want any song or music you can remember and play in your head like an earworm. You only need a memory; you don’t have to play the whole thing!

Which way worked best for you?

What matters is that, by choosing love, we instantly align – quantum mechanics would say “entangle” – with the energy of love. And who doesn’t want that? When music triggers the alignment, instant entanglement happens.


Bill Protzmann re-discovered the fundamental nature and purpose of music over the course of more than 40 years of paying attention to how music works on us and experimenting with what he learned through performing concerts, giving lectures, facilitating workshops, and teaching classes. He launched the Musimorphic Quest in 2016 to offer a guided, gamified, experiential environment where participants could discover and remember their innate connection to the ancient transformative technology we now call music. In 2014, he received an Inspiring Hope award for Artistic Expression from the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, the industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.

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