Building Calm and Dynamic Workplace Environments Through Music

We are living through uncertain, stressful, and often frightening times. The “new normal” we kept hearing about never arrived.  It has become “inconsistent conditions accepted,” and you see it in the faces of your employees. It expresses itself through their performance at work. As a human being, it’s hard to watch those who have committed themselves to your company’s success struggle. As an employer, it’s hard to deny that those struggles have a measurable impact on your business. 

Most of us, on some level, understand that music helps us get through the day. We often put on a pair of headphones and listen to our favorite songs without thinking about it – even when we’re working. And sometimes, it’s having that song in our heads that turns good work into great work. Music can relax, comfort, and, yes, inspire us to be the best version of ourselves – at home, at the gym, and at the office. 

Musimorphic’s Founder, Bill Protzmann, has a deep understanding of and connection with the rejuvenating power of music. His journey to becoming a trained classical pianist began when he was three years old. Performing professionally for audiences, including the homeless and historically unserved youth to Veterans fighting the severe mental and physical wellness conditions of PTSD, opened his eyes to the wider healing power of music. 

When Bill found himself struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, he drew upon his knowledge of and love for music to help him heal – putting him on a new path, one that’s dedicated to helping others explore music’s transformative effects. Over the course of 30 years, Bill has helped people from all walks of life tap into the power of music, helping them leverage their favorite songs and compositions to bring peace and balance to their lives.

Musimorphic can help your employees find that same sense of wellness. Musimorphic gives individuals a deeper understanding of how the music we love can actually have tangible, positive effects on all aspects of our lives – our individual health, our relationships with others, and even our performance at work.

Musimorphic also provides NPOs with programs that can be deployed at fundraisers or directly in support of clients. You can trust our 15+ years working in recovery, homelessness, and with military Veterans: music is transformative. Some of these wellness and outreach programs may also be appropriate for your business and employees; click here for more.

Musimorphic's Program Stack for Businesses and Human Resources

Music Quest Discovery
Video on Demand

Virtual Experience

This scalable one-hour experiential immersive walk-through reveals how making musical friends with sadness is a powerful key to unlock joy. This value-packed introduction to Musimorphic principles sends you on your private way toward wellness, and is aligned with industry best practices.

Combining desire, intention, and music focuses our human systems to meet opportunity fully engaged: heart, heart, body, and soul. If your team has reached a plateau, this 1-hour value-based interactive workshop could be the breakthrough it deserves. Under $500 for teams of up to six people for 60 minutes that change everything for good.

Onsite Wellness

Psychological Safety At Work Virtual or In Person

When a master Tibetan bowl sound healer and virtuoso  keyboardist combine talents to offer your team an immersive opportunity to heal and remember their power through guided meditation and music, goodness happens naturally. Priced at $1,200 (exclusive of travel outside San Diego County), Anandamaya empowers you to offer 75 minutes of consciousness transformation where it matters most: onsite.

People who feel psychologically safet just work better with others. If that objective is on your radar, let’s achieve it together. Deployed either virtually or onsite, this 90-minute interactive workshop is an experiential, participative exploration of the unsung power of music to strengthen and sustain professional relationships. Prices start at $1,500 exclusive of travel.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Your Employees

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