Stranger Things and Your Power Music

powerful loving hand

Running Up That Hill is clearly a powerful song for Max’ heroic journey in the latest season of Stranger Things. Evidence from the music therapy field supports this decisive moment: the power of music is personal. Our choices about the music we love, combined with our emotional connection to those specific songs, can literally save […]

The Badass Way to Master Sadness, Distress, Depression, and Anxiety

Have you done this? Tried anything to quickly relieve the stress, sadness, pain, pressure, <insert trouble here>? Are you ready for the badass way to master sadness, distress, depression, and anxiety?   Drugs, therapy, meditation, emotional intelligence, plant medicine, religion, mindfulness <insert intervention here> – anything for a few moments of relief or even joy? […]

Take Back Your Life From Your Tech

take back your life from your tech

  Flat screens got you down? FOMO running your life? Selfie-addicted? Heed the warning signs! These practices have entrained your brain – your entire system actually – to run at an inhuman speed that, honestly, is going to kill you. So, it’s high time to take back your life from your tech. To make this […]

Why Suicide?


  I’m going to attempt to answer this question alongside you: why suicide? The answer, which I hope that you will also understand, is all about meaning.   (Before we begin, I want to reach out with great compassion and respect to Alexandra Valoras’ parents and friends: what you are experiencing is unimaginable, and I […]