The Trouble With Why

The Trouble With Why Have you got a big why? Perhaps your why helps grow your business, influence, or altruism. The trouble with why, however, is that some Big Whys are used to break things and hurt people. You know what I mean; insert your own Exhibit A here. The Noble Why The best why […]

AI Versus Beethoven

AI Versus Beethoven I just checked with ChatGPT to see what it “knows” about Musimorphic (TM). Zip. Zero. Nada. Same goes for Grammarly, by the way. Of course, the ChatGPT free version stopped “learning” in 2022, so there’s that. This is the same ChatGPT that believes Classical favorites such as Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” and Led […]

The Secret To Thriving In The Age Of AI

human connection

The Secret to Thriving in the Age of AI “If you want to thrive in the age of AI, you better become exceptionally good at connecting with others.” – quoted in “How to Know a Person,” by David Brooks It seems obvious: humanity is losing its human skills. We have consistently fewer and fewer formal […]

AI: License to Steal

license to steal

AI: License to Steal If you are or have been a content creator, AI knows your stuff. All those little “rewrite using AI” buttons that appear everywhere these days have no qualms about using your stuff – without attribution or compensation to you – to help other content creators in the same niche as you. […]

Desire for the Magical

What if one of our fundamental gut desires is to believe in the non-factual, the unproven, the ineffable? May we call that kind of desire a “desire for the magical” without placing any judgment on it? Watch video or listen to the audio Why? Could this help us understand those in the hard sciences who […]

Is Thinking Enough?

Is Thinking Enough? In addition to the Theory of General Relativity, Einstein is often credited with this insight: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Most people read this and assume Einstein is encouraging us to expand our thinking. Therefore, the postulate(1) most people mistakenly take away from […]

The Chevy Commercial – Using AI May Be Risky For Creatives

Using AI to Mimic what Sells is Risky for Creatives If you create or lead a team of creators, your work is far more than artificial. Shouldn’t the creative act be extraordinary, too? When everyone uses AI to make content, will your work still sing? Will its energy be alive…or artificial? I contend that using […]

Happy New Year, Marketers

After about thirty years of creating and producing high-quality musical performances, mostly directly related to what we do, we began doing high-touch one-to-one volunteer work with at-risk people, won a national award, and considered how to productize our lived experience as a business. Turns out, one could do that back in the day, so we […]

The True Cost of Freedom – Veterans Day 2023

Freedom Isn’t Free In a few days, America will celebrate its living warfighters. Many of them survived combat; all of them survived the ordeal of serving in the United States Military. Just because they are alive doesn’t mean they have stopped fighting. America’s military Veterans join those worldwide who are fighting visible and invisible wounds […]