Desire for the Magical

What if one of our fundamental gut desires is to believe in the non-factual, the unproven, the ineffable? May we call that kind of desire a “desire for the magical” without placing any judgment on it? Watch video or listen to the audio Why? Could this help us understand those in the hard sciences who […]

Stranger Things and Your Power Music

powerful loving hand

Running Up That Hill is clearly a powerful song for Max’ heroic journey in the latest season of Stranger Things. Evidence from the music therapy field supports this decisive moment: the power of music is personal. Our choices about the music we love, combined with our emotional connection to those specific songs, can literally save […]

What Really Works for Traumatic Stress

post-traumatic growth

You’ve been there. You’ve done that. You’ve had the 18-20% positive results predicted by scientific research. But it wasn’t enough. Plenty of ways to feel better about things. Just as many ways to actually do something. Doesn’t matter what the things are: there’s an app, or a coach, or a book, or a pill, or […]