What’s All This Shift?

webb telescope - shift is essential for awareness in transition

No Shift!

Meet The Shift.

Our awareness is in transition. From the Age of Enlightenment through Modernism, things worked pretty well. Around the time of John F Kennedy’s assassination, a Post-Modernist period swung back against Modernism, and our recent global pandemic will probably be marked as another pivot in awareness. Some have begun to refer to this as the Meta-Modernist era. Whatever we want to name it, things are different now than they were less than two American Presidential election cycles ago.

Shift has happened.

Either you shift too, or you’re left behind.

New Times Mean New Terms

We toss around terminology as if it had meaning, so let’s explore what some of that meaning might be and prepare to change our current understanding to meet The Shift with aplomb. Plomb or not, at the very least we’d better agree upon some common language.


“Raise your vibration!”

Here’s the Shift: if you’re looking to intervene with Alzheimer’s or dementia, a low vibration of 40Hz has been found to have positive effects.

I get it: “Vibration” is a metaphor for levels of consciousness, an analogy for energy, or a stand-in for the better term we haven’t yet discovered.

Still, some are so married to the notion of specific beneficial vibrations that they have become impervious to current understanding. Notions of beneficial vibrations, which we measure as cycles per second or Hertz (Hz), are popular these days and will be so long as we operate in three dimensions. The trouble is that vibration doesn’t work like that in space/time, where the simple notion of anything happening during a specific time slice evaporates, whether it’s a vibration or any other Newtonian cause/effect.

Crossing the vibratory bridge can happen once we begin to embrace a notion beyond intervention – the typical Western idea that we can “apply method X to get result Y” and fix things that way.

The colors of the chakras, as ancient as they may be, don’t work in the quantum field of energy that doesn’t rely on matter to operate or to be perceived. The Solfeggio tones, whatever their origins, aren’t going to be the music of the spheres—quite the opposite.

Instead, The Shift already measures “healing” vibration in Hz much too high to be heard, even by dogs, and that can shatter specific types of cells on contact or deform them in valuable ways.


To “see” or “hear” into our solar system and beyond, scientists must translate information we can neither see nor hear into frequency ranges perceptible to the human eyes and ears. These rudimentary methods are based on a “best guess” of much of what we can neither see nor hear. For example, even though we can guess that it exists, we cannot perceive the most significant component of the universe itself: “dark” matter. Another example of this follows below: E8.

Quantum Everything

Plenty of Shift here!

In simple terms, “quantum” has come to mean “anything that isn’t Newtonian,” which means theories – not stuff! We can’t yet “see” this stuff! – such as the General Theory of Relativity and String Theory. “Spooky action at a distance” probably encapsulates the nature of “quantum” as well since, instead of measuring perceptible processes, our awareness of what is “quantum,” at least in the sciences, is a calculated inference based on best guesses about what we aren’t able to measure through “normal” perception.

As with the “vibration” Shift, the “quantum” Shift will evolve a more specific meaning over time. The best work on this so far is the theory of Quantum Gravity, which can posit everything we can mathematically and scientifically measure based on a derivative of some “raised to the power of” (and therefore mathematically provable) grand design, known colloquially as “E8.” In this understanding, a Newtonian analogy is that our perceptible universe is merely a hologram of the “real” universe – the E8. The nearby image is a 3D representation of what E8 “looks” like.

For now, using “quantum” as a descriptor of anything observable with the five senses, organic or augmented, is a misleading attempt to suggest a Shift that won’t happen in the three-dimensional universe because three dimensions can’t support such a Shift.

So what about quantum entanglement, which has been conclusively measured?


This Big Shift is turning our attention away from the stuff and toward the process.

It is demonstrable that time/space disappears when we measure the action of particles separated by great distances that behave identically for no perceptible “reason.”

(Sorry about all the scare quotes here – it’s an unemotional attempt at clarity.)

Entanglement suggests that action over there – say, a “state change” – instantly happens here. No need for light or sound waves to travel through space and time; the actions over there and right here are simultaneous and instantaneous, provided one can isolate infinitesimally-tiny theoretical particles and somehow evaluate their states. Quantum computing is based on the best-guess notion that, more often than not, quantum entanglement is reliable.

Please wait; processing is occurring. Current understanding is rushing ahead, but we ought not to expect to have some superpower that manipulates butterfly wings in Japan to cause hurricanes in the Caribbean anytime soon. Three-dimensional limits, remember?

This Shift frequently goes off the rails when it is used to explain physical actions in three dimensions – such as the butterfly and the hurricane – that appear congruent or simultaneous as if by entanglement. The power of entanglement is more about the process than the entangled stuff, and we would do well to understand and respect this.


Have You Got Any Space/Time?

We’ve come this far, so we might as well wander out of three dimensions entirely and lamely grok the fullness of space/time, so far as we can guess about it.

Before that, it might be helpful or instructive to imagine ourselves dimensionally as living in only two dimensions: just length and width without height. We would be flat, just in case anyone is keeping score, and…wait! We don’t have to do this heavy lifting again! A satirical novel published in 1884 has already done the work for us. It’s called Flatland and was written by inspired thinker Edwin Abbott Abbott. Imagine trying to explain three dimensions to a two-dimensional being! Well, you’re welcome.

So how do we explain The Shift from three dimensions to four or five? Unlike Abbott’s forlorn characters, we can hope that more compassion and understanding attend to the problem, just as you, Dear Reader, must be hoping for some of the same along about now in this too-long essay.

What if compassion and understanding, being processes themselves, are, in fact, part of The Shift from three-dimensional being to something of a more profoundly ineffable dimension? Instead, say, of the three dimensions we have come to know and love and evolve into and live our separate lives within, what if there was more of a holographic fabric connecting us? One in which the reflection of our self was contained infinitely and co-incidentally in the reflections of the selves of every other being in space/time?

That’s a decent Shift out of three and into four dimensions, although the notion of space/time also seems to embody the “instant on” fabric. Incorporating the coincidence of space in our space/time fourth dimension would also recognize that our infinitely reflected holographic selves are also immediately proximate to one another as if no distance separated us in the same dimension. This is not observable with our current understanding. Still, the theoretical efforts to define what lies beyond even space/time postulate that it must be so for beings in those dimensions.

Can’t you make that Shift up? Me too. It’s hard, as Abbott’s protagonist discovered. The thing is, once you’ve rung the bell, it’s impossible to un-ring it.

Back On Earth…

If you know that Shift needs to happen, ring the bell. The thing is, once it has happened, what comes next? We are, after all, stuck in a very three-dimensional current understanding around which darn near everything orbits or floats, and as a civilization, we’re made a considerable investment in keeping it that way, thank you very much.

Is it easier to stay in the game? To do what needs doing so that the three dimensions of our lives keep holding us together? To not buck the system?

Bell ringers have an alternative: allow The Shift. There is a comic/tragic sense that, when it all goes down, some will be left behind, including some for whom we must offer extra mirth and unmerited compassion. Evolution sees this as a necessary, far-from-a-quantum-process survival of the fittest. Trouble is, as a people, we don’t seem to be able to catch up with the Shift that fits. Entropy exists, at least in three dimensions.

However, The Shift is messing everything up. It’s confusing the Beings. Look over those terms again and ask yourself how anyone can know anything when the terminology is so fungible. Ask yourself how you can know anything, anyhow. The framework is giving way to a fabric. The future belongs to those who can integrate the new, not just masturbate the old.

The Questions Are…

What will you do? Historically, times like these have sparked a lot of interest in divination, clinging to the “ancient,” and the rise of quite a few outliers decried by the rest of the population as freaks and naysayers. Check, check, check, check.

There’s usually a bunch of turmoil around a Shift like this. Political? Check. Financial? Check. Social? Check. Environmental? Check.

So, just in case anyone was still wondering, We Are In It Now. Shift Happening.

You could be like the Buddha and don’t do something, but you’ll need some heavy-duty consciousness armor for protection.

You could advocate and get up in the business of everyone who doesn’t see things your way.

You could join a movement for change, take up arms, put down arms, run for office, run away, stick your head in the sand or a ramrod up your arse, contribute, champion, volunteer, work for the cause, or self-medicate until it all seems to go away. Or go awry.

You could work for peace or work for the government, work for a billionaire or work for a person on the street with no shoes. Work for yourself or work together.

What will be most helpful? In a Shift like this, how can anyone know?

Besides that, if we are, in fact, already together in that space/time dimension, what difference does it make to work at all, except to do the work of staying curious, open-hearted, and open-headed? To tread as lightly as possible on the Earth and the other Beings until The Shift begins to appear in our rear-view mirror?

It seems clear that no one can answer these questions for everyone. Honestly, they’re hard enough to answer for oneself. The point of it all, however, is that we must – at the very least – ask the questions. Bravely. Courageously. Like we mean it. With humor, the way we have done since before Aristophanes and after George Carlin. While we might not be individually so, as a People, we are resilient evolutionarily. Even if we were to blow ourselves up or be swallowed by an environmental disaster of global proportions (think asteroid), life would go on.

And, somewhere in that ongoingness of life, all of the perceptions and theories that have come from our short few thousand years of perceiving and theorizing would survive and be rediscovered, extended, and reapplied by the Beings that come after us. Compared to other Beings who have roamed this rock, our time in the starring role has been relatively short, measured in thousands not millions of solar years.

But here’s the thing. We can already embed a place for ourselves in the guesswork we have now about space/time and other such things. Perhaps not the physical selves we know and love, but the space/time selves we can only theorize about – the unified field versions of us. The entangled versions of us, whatever they might be/do or do/be.

And, in that way of being/doing, there will probably come a time for another Shift. Maybe a Shift beyond consciousness into the state some call Zen where all thought, emotion, movement, and process come together as one.

Shakespeare, who was a keener observer of humanity than anyone, and possessed a superior ability to communicate it powerfully, gave insightful words to one of the most tragedy-prone characters ever written: Hamlet. It rings like a bell for us as it must have done for the first people who ever identified with Horatio:


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

than are Dreamt of in your philosophy.”



Bill Protzmann is a lifestyle and personal development coach who works with other coaches on the issues discussed in this shifty article. He launched the Musimorphic Quest in 2016 to teach higher consciousness in a guided, gamified, experiential environment where participants could discover and remember their innate connection to the ancient transformative technology we now call music. In 2014, he received an Inspiring Hope award for Artistic Expression from the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, the industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.