The Secret To Thriving In The Age Of AI

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The Secret to Thriving in the Age of AI

“If you want to thrive in the age of AI, you better become exceptionally good at connecting with others.” – quoted in “How to Know a Person,” by David Brooks

It seems obvious: humanity is losing its human skills. We have consistently fewer and fewer formal ways to understand one another. The meaning of “friend” has been emasculated of all human content, resulting in what David Books calls “the illusion of social contact without having to perform the gestures that actually build trust, care, and affection.”

This won’t work for us. As good as dopamine feels, it’s merely a chemical response, not a long-term solution.

Humans are social creatures, and, as much as I despise using words that have come to mean almost nothing due to cheap overuse, what we crave is authenticity. We need more than clicks; we want to be seen, heard, and valued.

There’s no modality known to civilization that can satisfy that craving the way music does.

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This isn’t hard, but it takes practice, and my job is to help you achieve the skills and build the practices you will need to thrive in the age of AI. It starts with you and those you love.


Over the course of more than 40 years of paying attention to how music works on us, Bill Protzmann has rediscovered the fundamental nature and purpose of music. Bill has experimented with what he learned through performing concerts, giving lectures, facilitating workshops, and teaching classes. For example, he first published on the powerful extensibility of music into the business realm in 2006 (here and abstract here). Ten years later, in 2016, he consolidated his work into the Musimorphic Quest. In this guided, gamified, experiential environment, participants discover and remember their innate connection to this ancient transformative technology. Also, The National Council for Behavioral Healthcare recognized Bill in 2014 with an Inspiring Hope award for Artistic Expression, the industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.

Musimorphic programs support wellness for businesses, NPOs and at-risk populations, and individuals.


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