The Musimorphic Quest Proof Of Concept

In any non-linear process of improving consciousness, such as the Musimorphic Quest, a traditional return on investment is not immediately obvious. Instead, it must be felt and applied through lived experience before it can be reflected on any bottom line.

So, to begin that evaluation, ask yourself: what is the value of relationship? Your answer to that question could be personal as an intimate relationship, or as corporate as a purpose-based cohort, working group, or enterprise. Now that you have a value in mind, let’s move on to the lived experience of relationship.

For example, two important results of the Musimorphic Quest lived experience are:

Out-of-the-box intuitions and creative ideas that were inaccessible and below the surface before become accessible and obvious after;

Application – snap-in connection – of those novel ideas begins to shift in-place processes and programs and becomes part of the new process/program forward journey.

That is, while evidence shows that teaching concepts such as “here’s how you have intuitions” or “here are the steps to be creative” can have limited success, the Musimorphic Quest, something like the Star Trek Holo-Deck, invites Passengers who are ready for it into deeper intuitive/creative experiences in real life.

Better than that, one of the core heuristics of the Musimorphic Quest is that Passengers discover how they can engage their new experience as a kind of personal “holo-deck” any time they need it.

How would improved creativity and intuition change the relationship(s) you have in mind?

Creativity and intuition are just two of the “below-the-head” heuristics of the Musimorphic Quest. Others include:

Improved appreciation and digestive capability for paradox;

Enhanced awareness of the potential in relationships (both personal and business);

Ability to offer others a novel kind of psychological safety.

It’s important that, while many of us feel some competence in these kinds of activities already, the Musimorphic Quest transforms what has been simply an “activity” for us into a much more profound, life-affective journey, which has the benefit of improved “competitive edge” (as the head brain wants to understand it) and also happens to be fun. This edge flows in part from our personal lived experience, and is amplified as it resonates in relationship, offering a new way to “play” or “play along” with the opportunities in life.

Finally, it is important to notice how the Musimorphic Quest also works on the undesirable symptoms of life. Passengers report that their ability to deal with many life issues improves significantly. The big term for this is “wellness.” You may recognize some of these symptoms:

  • depression, distress, and anxiety;
  • grief and loss;
  • trauma and post-traumatic stress;
  • toxic personality disorders;
  • harmful discrimination (issues such as skin color, economic class, and political preference);
  • addictive behaviors and harmful tendencies;
  • conflict;
  • sleep disorders;
  • memory loss.

Wellness is a big plus in relationships, is it not?

In addition to improved intuition and creativity, other benefits of the Musimorphic Quest include:

  • listening skills;
  • neuroplasticity;
  • empathy;
  • compassion;
  • acceptance;
  • self-awareness;
  • joy.

Lastly, the Musimorphic Quest has the benefit of being instantly customized for all of these important differentiators:

  • culture;
  • ethnicity;
  • intelligence (IQ or EQ);
  • personality type (Meyers-Briggs, DISC, CliftonStrengths, etc);
  • level of formal education;
  • socio-economic status;
  • primary spoken language;
  • professional or work experience;
  • management style;
  • level of responsibility;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • neurodiversity;
  • religion
  • foundational personal belief system.

In summary, the return on a Musimorphic Quest investment can be measured by both the personal changes that result from improved intuition, creativity, higher-order thinking, strengthened relationships, and more durable wellness, as well as the relationship changes that amplify personal growth and transformation, with the additional benefits of reduction of undesirable symptoms and instant customization for diverse Passengers.

These effects are experienced differently for each individual, of course, and across entire enterprises, from design and production to marketing, administration, human resources, information technology, and finance, as leaders and groups in all areas discover novel ways to apply their personal Musimorphic Quest experience within their areas of influence.

Passengers may also find their desire to repeat the Musimorphic Quest process increases over time, which is pleasing proof both of its utility and its value and part of why the one-time tuition includes lifetime membership as a Passenger.

An added bonus is always nice.

Musimorphic Maverick Silver level Passengers are free to navigate the Musimorphic Quest at their own pace;

Teams and cohort Passengers enjoy the Musicmorphic Mentor Gold experience, working together to improve group consciousness;

For those who would like to integrate the Musimorphic Quest materials directly into their existing 1:1 coaching toolkit, Musimorphic Master certification is available for Passengers who complete the Musimorphic Quest Platinum level.

How would those kinds of changes impact the value you want to experience personally or professionally? The answer, especially in non-linear, experiential, imaginative heuristic below-the-the-head, and delightful learning environments such as the Musimorphic Quest, is directly related to your immersion in the process, your vulnerability as a Passenger, and the self-awareness that comes from the experience; it can’t be discovered any other way.

Conceptually, that proof already exists within you, and it will become increasingly self-evident both during your journey and in the period of integration that follows you afterward.

Your improved consciousness awaits. That journey starts right here.

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