Boldly Go with Courage and Compassion – for Yourself

Boldly Go 

“The finest treasures of humanity are hidden where people are most afraid to go.” – Alberto Villolodo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos: “Mystical Shaman Oracle Guidebook” It’s time to boldly go with courage and compassion for yourself…into a significant future. 

It’s time to boldly go. Away from the sex and hype and fear that’s all about marketing the wrong things. Far away from the emptiness of skating on the surface. Even further away from the frustration of rabbit-hole of self-analysis, and definitely nowhere near the latest fads.

Now…what’s left?


Naked and raw.

Beautiful in your potential.

Gloriously powerful.

Everything you’ve become – everything you’ve learned, tried, used, tasted, touched, seen, and heard – is still right there within you. Waiting for you to put it to use.

Everything you believe, all that your trust and distrust, the loves, the hates, the joy, and all its opposite colors – it’s all you.

And…you’re perfect this way. And you’re perfectly ready for what’s next.

The Perfect Risk

Doesn’t matter if you are or you feel at risk – aren’t we all?

In an era of homelessness and income inequality where those with the means are giving up their homes for a simpler existence and those without the means are teaching society the value of creative collaboration, what will you do with the risks you can take?

Will you retreat? Lock the door against your potential? Will you deny all that you’ve been and all you could become for the illusion of safety and security?

Are you brave enough to short-circuit the belief that what you’ve always done and how you’ve always thought are somehow enough?

Or will you boldly go?

Choose Boldness

If you choose boldness, you will also choose connection, community, collaborative compassion, safety, and security. Why? Because other courageous passengers are choosing boldness, too. Why not you?

If you choose to go boldly into the unknown, what you can know for certain is that others of us are already with you. Pushing against the barriers. Testing the wings of our new potential. Tasting the fresh air of clear sight. Connected in our fears, hopes, anger, and yes even grief…and in our joy. Supported by wisdom, not dogma; learning and using skillful practices to change things…for good.

Will you join us? Take yourself and all you’ve become to the next level of your achievement: to success, to significance, to transcendence? We are waiting for you.

Boldly go. With courage and compassion for yourself…into a significant future.


Picture of Bill Protzmann

Bill Protzmann