Content or Contentment?

“By 2025, the amount of data generated each day is expected to reach 463 exabytes globally.” That’s huge. An exabyte is two to the sixtieth power bytes; “exa” means one billion billion, or one quintillion. “But Bill!” I hear you say. “You don’t have to consume all of it!” True enough. The issue for me, […]

Don’t Blame Cereal Boxes

Remember breakfast? A table full of cereal boxes, bowls, spoons, sugar, and pitchers of orange juice and milk? On Saturdays sometimes there would be toaster waffles or pancakes, bacon and eggs, and maple syrup? If you were really lucky, oatmeal or grits? Sometimes fresh biscuits with butter and honey? And how about those cereal ads […]

Stranger Things and Your Power Music

powerful loving hand

Running Up That Hill is clearly a powerful song for Max’ heroic journey in the latest season of Stranger Things. Evidence from the music therapy field supports this decisive moment: the power of music is personal. Our choices about the music we love, combined with our emotional connection to those specific songs, can literally save […]

Finding The 5D Managers We Need Now

Civilization, Productivity, and Happiness As a civilization, we have made remarkable technological advances. So, why do we still treat employees like servants? “Bossing” is and has been all about bigger better faster. When management tries to elevate a servant-employee to something more enlightened, cracks in the walls of bigger better faster appear. So how do […]

What is 5D Marketing and Why Does it Matter Now?

What is “5D Marketing?” Why does it matter? How does it contrast with “3D marketing,” and why is 5D marketing the unavoidable wave of the future? If you have considered these questions, or have any kind of general curiosity about “5D thinking,” this article is for you. 3D Marketing What I call “3D Marketing” or […]

Music, Magic, and Mushrooms

A personal psychedelic experience deserves to be treated with great respect. One way to do that is to curate a musical playlist to accompany the journey. Music acts on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so why not, right? It’s more than just music, magic, and mushrooms. A psychedelic mushroom journey is much more than […]

The Badass Way to Master Sadness, Distress, Depression, and Anxiety

Have you done this? Tried anything to quickly relieve the stress, sadness, pain, pressure, <insert trouble here>? Are you ready for the badass way to master sadness, distress, depression, and anxiety?   Drugs, therapy, meditation, emotional intelligence, plant medicine, religion, mindfulness <insert intervention here> – anything for a few moments of relief or even joy? […]

A New Approach To What Your Top Ten Songs Say About You

  Go ahead: stop reading this right now and make a list of your personal top ten songs of all time. Most of us can name and remember more than ten, so this will be easy. Write them down – no need to rank them, just make the list, but number the songs one to […]

Beyond DEI: Is Your Business Ready for 5D Consciousness?

Photo by Ariel Tutillo on Unsplash   If your business views diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as nothing more than compliance checkboxes, you’re missing a big opportunity. If your business understands that DEI is a real-life example of the shifting business fundamentals that enterprises must embrace and embody for long-term sustainability, you’ve come to the […]

How good are you with fear, or how do you own your own dopamine?

As a guardrail, fear isn’t such a bad emotion. Fear keeps us from sticking our hands into the fire a second time. But what about fear as manipulation? Fear of the unknown, fear of missing out, fear of repeating history…this kind of fear is subtler. How good are you with this kind of fear? Would […]