This Changes Everything for Good

▶️ Listen to this article now (12 minutes) ▶️ What if… What if there was a way to improve every aspect of what you’re already doing without having to un-do any of it? What if you could support every best practice you already use in a way that would deepen those practices without competing within […]

Boldly Go with Courage and Compassion – for Yourself

Boldly Go  “The finest treasures of humanity are hidden where people are most afraid to go.” – Alberto Villolodo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos: “Mystical Shaman Oracle Guidebook” It’s time to boldly go with courage and compassion for yourself…into a significant future.  It’s time to boldly go. Away from the sex and hype and fear that’s […]

Three Tips For Finding Joy And Contentment In Your Life Each And Every Day

finding joy and contentment

Cute kitten videos just don’t cut it anymore? Sarcastic memes leave you flat? News as reported by Comedy Central no longer makes you laugh? It’s OK. These three tips for finding joy and contentment in your life each and every day can help.   Before we roll out any tips, it would be best if […]