A Better Human

“Life’s journey can only be lived as a human being.”

~ said by no artificial intelligence, ever

Life inspired by the next dopamine fix, the next personal conquest, the next Solo cup sip of the delicious tears of our enemies…is no longer a useful way to live. Worse yet, living like that cuts us off from being a fully-realized human.

Sure, living like that is authentic provided one is aware and makes a conscious choice. We all know individuals who have chosen to not put down their smartphones, be excellent leaders, and embody an “it’s only business” growth mindset. They are admired by many.


that same mindset has brought us to where civilization is right now: polarized, unable to communicate, frustrated and stressed out, even traumatized. 

*  *  *

If you choose to see this pivotal moment in the history of civilization as an opportunity, scroll down and keep reading. Otherwise, thank you for visiting.

Thanks to technology, it’s possible that an entire generation – maybe even two generations – has grown up without the necessary human interactions, experiences, and fundamental social skills that are the foundation humans need to thrive.


Let’s change that. 

Being an “introvert” (like me) isn’t a good enough excuse any more. Every one of us – regardless of our introversion or extroversion, behavioral health diagnosis, neuro-divergency, or chosen identity, is part of the human race. Don’t we owe one other the respect and dignity of that?


This is far more than civil rights and wokeness. This is about you: being the best human you can be and being valued for it. If things could improve by just one person at a time, we could change the world… for good. For far more than rights…for human thriving. Human being.

Is that quest you could accept?

Or…will you just hope someone else – government, business, anyone but you – fixes things, so that you can go back to your inside-the-box life with all its coercive compulsions, thinking you’re going to be safe and everything will be OK if you just keep your head down?

You know it’s not that world any more either.

The world needs you. Now. 

Armor up. Up-skill. Come out in your full power, and join in the quest for a truly better humanity.

Every single visionary knows that this change won’t come from the top. You’ve seen the movies, probably played some of the games, but this time it’s real life. Just like in the movies, change from the bottom up is what really works. It’s relationships forged in actual fire, not in the digital one or at the ballot box, that can carry humanity forward.

Will you join the Quest to be a better human?

You – me, all of us – were born with the genes to do this.  Now: activate them. That’s where Musimorphic can help. I’ve watched this happen with too many people to have any doubt about your abilities. Will you join us?

Are you ready to be a better human?

Bill Protzmann is a Musimorphic certified MEPS coach with more than 30 years’ experience connecting clients to their innate powers of human being.

With Bill as your coach, your quest to rediscover and deploy your unique, built-in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (MEPS) abilities combined with practices you can confidently use in every life quest you take will improve your




and human thriving.

With that kind of mastery, pain no longer owns you, power becomes yours, and you are part of the opportunity to build the world we want in place of the world we’ve been given.

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