What Do You Desire?

Many coaches and therapists make a great living helping you fix your pain. That’s bogus. Anyone who’s been living with both eyes open knows that all life is sorrowful, and that you’ll be paying that coach or therapist again the next time pain comes.

The real question is: How can I live so that pain doesn’t rule me?

The answer is easy: play to your desires.

Ask yourself:

Are you hitting all your goals? Are you happy?

Authentic? Insecure? Self-Sufficient? Closed?

No judgment here.

Just asking.

As recently as 2021, those were the top coaching segments in America. Things have only exploded since then. And you know why.

For example:

Has your job begun bury you? Is toxic mediocrity the new standard of performance? Let’s change that. Success can be joyful, powerful, and even fun. You don’t have to settle.

Are your family and love life fractured? Do they stress you out? These are the primary relationships in your life! Let’s rediscover the love that you want for all of them.

Bandage the hurt, soothe and stuff the trauma, and then go right back to that coach or therapist the next time a new pain finds you…


Learn to use desire to master any journey in life – painful, pleasant, or empowering.

Which will you choose?

*  *  *

Bill Protzmann is a Musimorphic certified MEPS coach with more than 30 years’ experience connecting clients’ desires with intentions that lead to the end states they want. He’s re-discovered and quantified the basics of desire and intention, and wants you to learn and use them too.

With Bill as your coach, you will rediscover and deploy your unique, built-in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (MEPS) abilities, and develop practices you can use with confidence in every life quest you take:




With that kind of mastery, pain no longer owns you.

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