Know before you go. Integration is a practice, not an event, so practice first to prepare so that you’re prepared to incorporate the journey afterward.

*  *  *

Are you hitting all your goals? Are you happy?

Authentic? Insecure? Self-Sufficient? Closed?

No judgment here.

Just asking.

As recently as 2021, these were the top coaching segments in America. Things have only exploded since then.

For example:

Does your job bury you in misery? Let’s change that. Success can be joyful, powerful, and even fun.

Are your family and love life fractured? Do they stress you out? These are the primary relationships in your life! Let’s rediscover the love that you want for all of them.

These are just two examples of integration.

*  *  *

Bill Protzmann is a growth coach who has taught integration for more than 30 years through connection of your deepest desires with intentions that lead to the end states you want. You will learn how to the use your most fundamental mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (MEPS) tool to do this, and develop practices you can use with confidence for every journey in your life using the music you love.

Bill is an ordained, certified Cleric at, a constitutional church based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His extensive growth-oriented integration work ranges from military Veterans and at-risk populations to kids and adults of all ages.